San Diego, CA / San Mateo, CA / Santa Monica, CA
Bug ID as the systems integrator installed thirty-four THX certified independent sound editing/mixing suites, two 7.1 Mastering Rooms, one 5.1 tracking room, one Foley stage, and 4 recording studios. Incorporated into the facility is an Avid/Euphonix S5, API 1608 and Avid DCommands.
Burbank, CA / San Francisco, CA / Sunnyvale, CA
Bug ID collaborated with Dolby on design of their new innovation facility in Silicon Valley. We installed media systems that varied from labs that can connect all over the building to a state-of-the art screening room featuring Dolby Atmos, all controlled by an iPad.
San Francisco, CA
This international advertising agency needed media systems in their lobby and conference rooms, and an in-house post-production facility. Bug ID designed two Avid suites, two Final Cut suites and a Pro Tools suite integrated via a central machine room. Conference rooms are outfitted with Crestron control touch panels.
San Francisco, CA
Razorfish is an international marketing agency that is constantly pushing the boundaries of digital technology for their clients. This project included a curved video wall with an edge blended projection, 9 screen video wall, 75" LED touch screen, along with another edge blended projection screen and Color Kinetics LED lights that showcase a unique interactive environment.
Sunnyvale, CA
Looking to make an impression on visitors to its Silicon Valley offices, Seagate Technology went with Bug ID's proposal to design two large-scale, custom-made, sand-blasted glass front projection screens for the lobby.
Los Gatos, CA
The town of Los Gatos wanted the ability to broadcast hearings and town hall events to local residents via Community Access TV. The Bug ID installation included multiple PTZ remote cameras and a sound re-enforcement system.
San Francisco, CA
Bug ID designed and integrated a 5.1 surround sound studio with Dolby E encoding and decoding for this commercial audio post-production facility catering to the advertising industry with voice-over, sound design, broadcast ads and other sound recording and editing services.
San Rafael, CA
This state-of-the art recording & broadcast facility is Bob Weir’s brainchild. Bug ID took the vision and delivered a fully integrated studio that includes an API Vision, 1080 5.1 streaming capabilities, Meyer PA system and a Meyer Constellation which includes over 100 speakers.
Chicago, IL
Bug ID designed a post-production facility for this advertising industry giant and installed four Avid suites, six Final Cut suites and two Pro Tools suites linked to a central machine room with UNITY and XSAN.
Santa Monica, CA
We designed and installed a 7.1 screening room outfitted with advanced surround sound processing controlled by an easy to use Extron control touch panel. Naughty Dog has nine individual sound edit rooms each with a full Protools system and Dyn Audio 5.1 active speaker system. Bug ID also outfitted two conference rooms with 5.1 audio and HD projection.
Fair Oaks, CA
Bug ID integrated a large-venue video projection system with automated screen control for use in the sanctuary of this Northern California church.
Bellevue, WA
Bug ID designed, manufactured, and installed a custom solution for their 7.1 mix room allowing the user to plug in a laptop and edit on the software of the user’s choice. This custom mixer featured 7.1 bass management control, one single volume knob with a custom GUI touch panel interface. Bug ID also installed ten 5.1 sound design rooms for digital composing and sound editing along with a control room connected to an ADR and Foley room.
San Francisco, CA
To run the lobby museum's video documenting the history of Bank of America, Bug ID designed and integrated motion sensor-activated video screens controlled by AMX. The system automatically begins video playback when visitors approach.
Berkeley, CA
Bug ID installed Meyer Sound’s Constellation acoustic system enabling the restaurant to flexibly adjust the acoustical ambience of the dining space. Over 120 speakers were installed to blend into the surroundings while providing ultimate acoustical room control. The entire system is controlled via an iPad.
San Francisco, CA / New York, NY
For this independent, international agency focused on building advertising campaigns for the digital age, Bug ID equipped multi-media conference rooms with 5.1 surround sound and video projection systems.